What is the Bankaccount of Professional-Biosensor.com?

IBAN: NL91 ASNB 8822 0534 94 t.a.v. M.E. Brugman te Utrecht


Can I receive a acceptgiro to pay my order?
No, we do not have this possibility as the costs are to high You can transfer money to us using your local bank stating the ordernumber supplied in the order confirmation or use internet banking/Paypal/Multisafepay (Paypal and Multisafepay provide the possibility to pay with your credit card).
Can I pay by credit card?
Yes, if you choose the option Multisafepay or Paypal, you will be redirected to the secure payment service PayPal / Multisafepay where you can pay without having an account with Paypal or Multisafepay.
I received several confirmations of my order, why?
You probably have pressed several times on the send button (or the Enter key), We will always notice this eand only process one order (the most recently send).
I have placed an order, but then I have heard nothing anymore.?
There is probably an error in the process. It may be that the e-mail address provided was incorrect when ordering. If you do not receive confirmation by e-mail, you should contact us via E-mail or call us.
How long will it take before I receive my order?
The items ordered will be sent immediately after your payment has been processed. See also the Terms and Conditions page.
Can I pick up my order at your store?
Yes, that is possible after an appointment. 
This can be made on +31 (0) 6 3562 8683
How do I know which shipping rate I should choose?
In the ordering process you choose based on your shipping address.
The options are:
1: Netherlands (Free shipping)
2: Europe, Not being Netherlands (All EU countries outside the Netherlands)
3: Global, Not Europe (all countries outside Europe)
I want to give an order under COD, what does this cost?
The costs will be € 15, - for sending cash on delivery.
This additional cost is on your order. This service is only available for Dutch shipping adresses.
Please refer also to our Terms and Conditions.
What about my personal information?
We guarantee that we will be extremely careful with your personal information and will under no circumstance provide your personal information or information about your orders to third parties.
Who is' biosensor-Shop.com?
biosensor-shop.com exist since January 1, 2002. We are registered with the Chamber of Commerce Utrecht with number 9083 8904.
What is the difference between a biotensor and a biosensor?
There is no functional/yechnical/quality difference and we offered these products under the name Biotensor until december 2013. Then however we received a claim from a German company that has registrered the name biotensor. This resulted in us not being allowed to use the name biotensor for our products. There are still many products offered by other vendors under the name biotensor but apparantly we where offering products of such competitive price / quality that we were seen a treath to this company.
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