Terms and Conditions

1 Order
Private orders
Delivery of the order will be made after payment has been received by us
in advance to our bank account, PayPal account or Multisafepay account. 
Delivery in our store is by appointment only and cash payment.
Orders will be charged with standard 
shipping & handling fees that are generated during the ordering process. 
Orders in the Biosensor Webshop by private persons must be done using 
the webshop or e-mail info@professionele-biosensor.com using either 
Dutch or English language.
Shipment of the order will normally be the same day, at the latest the next 
working day after payment in advance has been received by 
Professionel-Biosensor.com. If same day shipment is not possible because 
of insufficient stock or other reasons, the customer will be informed by 
e-mail stating the reason and expected delivery date. Customer can then 
choose to withdraw the order.  Upon sending out the order a confirmation 
is sent to the customer via e-mail. If possible, we send by standard mail. If 
this is not possible shipping will be done using parcel post by either PostNL or DHL4YOU. 
Expected delivery date and parcel bar-code and web address where the package can be 
tracked will be provided by E-mail upon sending the parcel. Included in the parcel customer 
receives an invoice with VAT specification and Customers name.
Business orders
Business customers have made explicit price agreements with 
Professional-Biosensor.com after agreeing to order larger numbers of
products against an agreed reduction of the price. For these known 
customers following agreement applies:
Orders are sent with an invoice by Professional-Biosensor.com after 
approval Payment of this invoice shall be for business customers always within 
14 days after the invoice date unless explicitly otherwise agreed 
and confirmed in writing by biosensor-Shop.nl.
Delivery is made within an agreed deadline which is agreed and agreed 
upon with the customer for each order individually.
2 Price
All prices of the products are, unless otherwise stated, including 21% VAT 
in €, excluding shipping costs. (The shipping costs will be automatically 
generated). Special offer prices are valid while stocks last and only apply 
to new orders.
3 Applicability
These conditions apply to all contracts for sale and supply of products by 
Professional-Biosensor.com from our webshop, the payment is made to our 
bank account or cash advance.
4 Delivery
If the product(s) delivered at the discretion of the client does not fully meet 
the expectation, then the client is entitled to return the product(s) to to 
biosensor-Shop.com (the shipment costs are at the customers expense) 
within 8 days of receipt. The purchase price paid excluding shipping will 
be credited by Professional-Biosensor.com after receipt of the goods intact. 
This is in accordance with the EC Directive of May 20, 1997.
5 Payment
For all orders placed with Professional-Biosensor.com payment must be 
made in advance. Payment in cash / cash on delivery or payment 
deviations only after explicit agreement and confirmation by 
6 Warranty.
All products of Professional-Biosensor.com come with a 2 year warranty. 
If defects occur within this period other than normal wear 
Professional-Biosensor.com will repair this free of charge, or provide a 
replacement product.
Excluded from this warranty is breakage of the antenna wire through 
metal fatigue caused by prolonged work with too high swing rates. 
In this case you can request the antenna wire to be replaced at cost price 
of € 7,50 exluding shipping.
7 Liability
Professional-Biosensor.com is not liable for any damage which was 
caused during the transport of your product via PostNL, Foreign post or 
courier. Items leave Professional-Biosensor.com always in undamaged 
form. This is never open for debate.
8 Prices webshop
If prices in the shop are not displayed correctly, Professional-Biosensor.com
is not obligated to deliver. The prizes will be corrected immediately upon 
discovery and customer will be notified of updates by email.
9 Chamber of Commerce
Professional-Biosensor.com is  registered at 
the Dutch Chamber of Commerce Utrecht Registered nr: 90838904. 
Our VAT number is NL 004845 641 B19