Bio Energy Tester (Biotensor) use


The biosensor is a one-hand dowsing. Its advantage over other testing methods  as are pendulum or muscle testing:
- faster and lighter responds
- for most people the biosensoris  much lighter and easier to use
- test person does not strained or stressed
- handling less strainful for the tester

Biosensor movements

A biosensor can actually make many rash unlimited varied movements, depending on use and routine of the tester. For the majority of applications, however, 5 different movements are usually enough:
- Vertical movement
- Horizontal movement
- Clockwise circular movement
- Counter clockwise circular movement
- Stand still

These movements are then given specific meaning in the different test methods.

Biosensor-Test possibilities

Although again the possibilities in daily use are practically Inexhaustible the most commonly used methods are:

- Strong / weak test
- mental question
- relationship test
- Identification Test
- Energy Test


The biosensor is to be held in the hand as relaxed as possible.
Note that the muscles do not cramp (Shoulder, Arm, finger, back, legs, toes) - loose and relaxed!
Keep the biosensor loosely between fingers and thumb.
For the beginner it is useful to support the elbow of the testing hand slightly.  
Keep your feet firmly on the ground (stay Grounded).
Keep eyes on the biosensor head.
The reaction of the biosensor in the beginning may take some time (30 - 60 sec.).
First just make the the desired movement conciously.
Then let your subconscious make the desired movement without control from your conscious mind. This may require a number of attempts.

Meaning of how far the biosensor strikes out

A major result = approx 10 cm each way = intensive confirmation or energetically strong.
Less = less affirmative.
None = neutral, neither yes or no

Practice in keeping the movement within limits. A much too large movement adds nothing to the test result and ensures only an unnecessary strain on your biosensor which will break by metal fatigue in the attachment of the antenna to the biosensor This wille never happen when movement stays within + / - 15cm.

Self Test

Should be done every time you start to work with the biosensor. This is to test your energetic state. In case of insufficient own energy fix this first before you test. Test by:

- Mental question: Ask, "Do I have sufficient energy to test"
- Energy mudra against thymus-point: This should provide a strong test result.

Training "Working with the Biosensor

If you want to learn testing with the biosensor in a professional way it is recommended you follow a training. This can easily be done in a day. We offer the option at a very competitive rate of € 75, - to follow a professional individual training. This training teaches you the following skills and insights:

- The technique of working with the biosensor
- What to do with the biosensor and what not (risk)
- The test methods and how to adapt these to your own practice.

During the course day we also give 20% discount on your purchase of biosensor, with exception of accessories or other products from our store.

The course is tought in our own facilities and lunch (soup and sandwiches), coffee and tea is included. Only special dietary requirements we can not honor, you will then have to bring your own lunch.

It is possible to attend with family or friends to a maximum of 4 people (who are very well aquainted to each other).
We hope you enjoy your biosensor!